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Common Dental Problems & Solutions in Kids

Common Dental Problems & Solutions in Kids

By Kids Dentistry

Common Dental Problems & Solutions in Kids

Considering the amount of energy a lot of kids put into trying to get away with not brushing their teeth and their complete and utter lack of fear when it comes to things like running on hardwood floors with socks or playing catch with unwieldy items, it’s no surprise cavities can rear their ugly heads and baby teeth can get knocked loose before their time. While many dental issues might not seem like a big deal when it comes to kids because they’re going to lose their teeth anyway, the primary teeth serve important functions including saving space for the permanent teeth and helping with speaking and chewing. Staying on top of your little one’s oral care is important. There are some common dental problems in children we see time and time again at our Englewood pediatric dentistry office but thankfully each one has a fairly simple solution.
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i9 Sports Event, Fun in the Sun with the Kiddos

By Community

The i9 Sports Event was such a hit! We love getting involved in our community, having fun, and enjoying the sunshine. We can’t wait until next year so we can do this all over again! In fact, we had so much fun, we wrote a little poem:

The kids had a great time catchin’ fish and winning prizes
They were kicking balls and blowing bubbles
They were spinning the wheel and making some deals
They were learning basic sport skills and were fast on their heels
When they were a good sport they put a sign to put in their home court
It was a whole lot of fun in the hot summer sun!