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Baby Root Canals

Just like you, your tooth needs nutrients and oxygen, and the pulp hidden in the center of the tooth takes care of it. The pulp is made up of nerves, tissues and blood vessels and sometimes tooth decay or an injury can expose it and lead to inflammation. Ouch! With a baby root canal, also known as a pulpotomy or pulp therapy, we can restore and save the primary tooth, or baby tooth, that has been hurt, as opposed to extract it too early, which can lead to some things we don’t want, like impacted premolars or crowding of permanent teeth. During the procedure, we’ll remove the pulp and restore the tooth, and restore the tooth with a NuSmile Zirconia crowns, which is white, metal-free and durable.

Composite Fillings

Sometimes, in spite of your best efforts and no matter how many pieces of candy you turn down, cavities happen. With the white fillings we offer, it can stay our little secret. We can make the filling match the color of the tooth, kind of like a chameleon, so no one will know it’s there. We also happen to use Herculite composite resin, which is one of the strongest composites on the market so your fillings will last.

NuSmile Pediatric Crowns

Sometimes a cavity or an injury can do a number on a tooth and not enough tooth structure is left behind to support a filling. When possible, we try to save the tooth so it can do its jobs like ensure proper chewing and speech and give the grown-up teeth room to come in. We use NuSmile Pediatric Crowns to strengthen and restore the tooth and keep it in place until it’s ready to fall out on its own.

NuSmile crowns are all white, metal-free and crafted from super durable zirconia. We can match the color of the teeth and the crowns have the shape, contours and even translucency of the real thing. No one will know it’s a crown and kids can keep on smiling confidently.


While we’ll do whatever we can to save a tooth that’s not ready to come out, sometimes decay is just too severe and you’ll have to part with it. We only do extractions as a last resort and we’ll make sure you’re comfy and don’t feel a thing. In some cases, older kids or teens may need extractions for orthodontic work.

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