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 A Kid-Centered Approach

Going to the dentist for kids shouldn’t be a chore! We make it entertaining and fun, which sets the stage for a positive relationship with oral health that will last a lifetime. Our kid-friendly office and experienced staff tailor each visit to fit our youngest patients’ individual needs. Kids’ mouths are different from those of grown-ups and we’re specially trained to care for them.

Because children tend to get a bit antsy, we employ a few behavior management techniques, so the time they spend in Dr. Paddy, Dr. Roger or Dr. Meredith’s chair is safe, productive and enjoyable. Our approach includes:

  • Kid Speak: We talk in terms children can understand. When a child feels out of the loop, they’re probably not going to be receptive to treatment. We educate them and inform them in a way they can grasp.
  • Tell-Show-Do: With this technique, we tell our patients exactly what we’re going to do, show them the equipment and demonstrate so they know what to expect before we get to work. It goes a long way in decreasing the dental jitters and makes it an interactive experience.
  • Positive Reinforcement: We’re all about encouragement and prizes!
  • Distraction: If our putting green, Dr. Paddy’s sense of humor or the ginormous fish tank don’t take their mind off a procedure, music or a video can do the trick.

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BPA-Free is the Way to Be!

You’ve probably heard about the dangers of BPA, which is why it has no place in our office or your child’s mouth. Kids Mile High uses BPA-free dental sealants to coat the chewing surfaces of little chompers. The sealants act as a barrier against food, bacteria and acids to prevent tooth decay. We’re dedicated to protecting kids’ teeth and their health.

Forms & Policies

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