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Dental emergencies can be scary but have no fear, Kids Mile High is here! Remember, we’ll always have a pediatric dentist on call to help you. If it’s a true emergency, please call (303)-779-5306 and select option 1. In the meantime, there are steps you can take to lessen the impact.

Tooth Knocked Out

If a baby tooth is knocked out before it’s time, call us, however, we likely won’t replace it as it could damage the permanent tooth below. If a permanent tooth is knocked out, that’s a different story and you’ll want to act quickly. There’s always a chance the tooth can be saved. Find the tooth and gently rinse it off in cool water (don’t use soap). If you can, put the tooth back into its socket and hold it there with gauze or a clean towel. If you can’t get the tooth back into the socket, you’ll want to keep it from drying out, so put it in a container filled with cold milk, water or in a pinch, saliva. Call us right away even if it’s after hours.

Chipped or Fractured Tooth

This is another case where acting quickly can make a huge difference and possibly save the tooth. To avoid choking, remove the broken piece if it’s still in the mouth. If you’re able to find it, place it in water or milk and bring it with you to Kids Mile High. Give your mouth a rinse with cool water and apply a cold compress if the lip or gums were injured in the event. Call us right away.

Loose Tooth

If the loose tooth is a baby tooth it will often come out on its own. If the loose tooth in question is a permanent tooth, call us immediately. Don’t wiggle the tooth or touch it as it could cause it to fall out. Sometimes we can simply bond it to a strong tooth next to it support it until it tightens back up. We all need a little help from our friends sometimes, even our teeth!


Call us so we can schedule a visit to get to the bottom of the tooth pain. Have your child rinse their mouth with warm salt water and if it’s okay with your pediatrician, an over-the-counter children’s pain medication might help with the discomfort. Apply a cold compress to the face in the area of the aching. Don’t apply heat or put aspirin on the teeth or gums.

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