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Early, ongoing dental care is vital to your child’s health now and for life.

The First Dental Visit

Kids aren’t just teeny tiny, really cute adults and they have special dental care needs, which is why they should see a pediatric dentist from their first birthday to age 18. The early visits set the stage for teaching good oral hygiene, and regular appointments help to avoid potentially serious problems, allowing kids to enter adulthood, or at least college, with a glorious, healthy smile.

Whoever said going to the dentist had to be a harrowing experience has obviously never been to Kids Mile High. We strive to make the first dental visit – and all of the rest – a positive experience in order to establish trust and ensure little ones don’t get off on the wrong foot with dentist appointments. We want children to associate the dentist’s chair with rainbows and unicorns, which makes appointments easier and stress-free.

Depending on your child’s age, they’ll either sit on your lap or independently during the first dental visit. Dr. Paddy, Dr. Roger or Dr. Meredith will explain everything they’re doing in easy-to-understand, kid-friendly terms. Parents are welcome to observe their child’s treatment at any time.
The visit will kick off with a gentle exam to look for cavities, gum infections and other abnormalities of the mouth and throat. The dentist will also check jaw alignment and evaluate your child’s bite to make sure there’s space for all of the grown-up teeth to come in. No one likes a crowd after all. We’ll go over habits like thumb sucking and tongue thrusting and, if necessary, recommend ways to stop. We’ll also help establish a daily routine for caring for the teeth and mouth.

For children ages three and older, we’ll make those teeth shine with a complete cleaning. We top off the exam with the application of some tasty fluoride. Of course, we’ll discuss the findings of the exam with you. Last, but certainly not least, your kiddo can raid our stash of prizes. Book an appointment in our Denver, CO office today!


Forms & Policies

Get acquainted with our policies and get a head start on your child’s paperwork.


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