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Boost Your Confidence with a Healthy Smile

Now that you’re a teenager, you probably have a little bit more freedom and get to make many of your own choices. Some of those choices, like how often you brush your teeth, whether or not you subsist solely off candy and soda while at school or determining if you’re going to wear a mouthguard at basketball practice, can have a major impact on your oral health.

We’re all about educating you and guiding you to ensure your teeth are in great shape. You have enough to worry about without having to stress over cavities or dental issues.

In addition to keeping your teeth and gums clean and healthy, we’ll monitor your development and point you in the right direction if it’s time to start thinking about braces or Invisalign, you need your wisdom teeth out or there’s habits you should kick to the curb. You focus on your grades and social life and we’ll focus on your mouth. You might even have an awesome time at the dentist. How many of your friends can say that?

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Safe, BPA-Free Sealants to Give Your Pearly Whites a Boost

Sometimes even the most dedicated brushers and flossers need a little help, particularly when it comes to the chewing surfaces of the back teeth. Food and bacteria love to nestle into the grooves and cause tooth decay. That’s where dental sealants come in. The coating acts as a barrier protecting the enamel. At Kids Mile High, we’re all about helping you achieve a healthy mouth but not at the expense of the rest of you! That’s why we use BPA-free dental sealants to keep you cavity-free.

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