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Special Needs Patients

Dr. Paddy, Dr. Roger and Dr. Meredith not only specialize in treating children, they also completed advanced training to offer dentistry for special needs patients. Dental care for people with certain physical, developmental, emotional, cognitive or medical conditions requires special considerations. Everyone that visits our office is a unique individual and Dr. Paddy, Dr. Roger and Dr. Meredith take the time to listen and get to know the patient, and then tailor their approach in order to offer compassionate, comprehensive care.

Safe, Comfortable Treatments

Hey, we know going to the dentist causes anxiety for some people or perhaps a condition makes dental procedures more difficult. We work with the families of our patients with special healthcare needs to decide on the best course of action to deliver safe care in a way that’s stress-free. Option may include:

Option may include:


We use this behavior technique with pretty much all patients because who likes to have a random dental tool stuck in their mouth without an introduction? Basically, we explain and demonstrate everything before doing it so patients know exactly what to expect.

Protective Stabilization:

If tell-show- do and other behavior techniques don’t work, we can utilize protective stabilization so patients won’t hurt themselves. We always get parental consent first and only use it if it’s really necessary. It’s the same stabilizer doctors use when they give stitches to little kids in the hospital.

Nitrous Oxide:

Nitrous oxide, or laughing gas, is a safe, mild sedative delivered through a mask. The patient will be awake but will feel relaxed and happy throughout the procedure.

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