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Welcome to Team Awesome

When you join Dr. Paddy’s team, Team Awesome, you’ll never look at going to the dentist the same again. We offer exceptional pediatric dental services in a relaxed, cheerful environment. Kids Mile High Dentistry makes maintaining good oral hygiene fun (yes, really!).

Our Office

There’s never a dull moment at Kids Mile High Dentistry. Our colorful, 6,000-square-foot office was designed with our patients’ comfort and enjoyment in mind. Get a high-five from Dr. Paddy while showing off your skills on the in-office putting green or check out the residents of our 250-gallon fish tank. Our state-of-the-art Englewood office (just outside of Denver) embraces innovation and technology to allow us to offer top-notch services.



Cavities…who needs ‘em? We specialize in preventative dentistry to keep mouths happy and healthy!



We use cutting edge technology to quickly, easily and safely diagnose issues before they become major problems.



We’ll get that adorable little smile looking good as new using the latest materials and techniques.



Suffering from dental anxiety? We get it. We offer a variety of safe sedation options to meet each patient’s individual needs.

About Dr. Paddy

Dr. Paddy, whose full name is Dr. A. Patrick Smithwick III (say that three times fast), is a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist and reached attending status at Children’s Hospital of Colorado. He draws on his education from Hobart College, University of Maryland College of Dental Surgery and New York University to provide your child with superior dental care.

Dr. Paddy uses the most up-to-date techniques and modern equipment and his mission is get to know each patient as a unique individual.

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Sometimes our bad habits like mouth breathing, thumb sucking, tongue thrusting and reverse swallowing, known as incorrect myofunctional habits to us folks in the dental biz, are the underlying cause of incorrectly developing jaws and teeth. Enter the Myobrace System, which is a nifty, natural way to fix those bad habits and exert light force to align the teeth and jaws into their natural position without braces.

The best part? No complex equipment and no mouth full of metal. You only need to wear a Myobrace appliance for one or two hours a day and overnight while snoozing.

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Dr. Paddy and the entire office staff are helpful and communicative. Every question I've had has been thoroughly and thoughtfully answered. My 2 year old has had major oral surgery and is still happy to go to the office; it really is kid friendly.


Dr. Paddy and his staff do a fantastic job of making my kids feel comfortable and at ease when we visit his office. My daughter is always asking me "when can we go see Dr. Paddy" because she has such a good time going to his office. Having my kids dentist be board certified makes me feel confident that I'm getting the best care possible for my kids.


Dr. Paddy is incredibly kind and I would highly recommend him to anyone. Our daughter had such a lovely experience that she asks to visit the doctor whenever we are near his office. Truly top notch- we couldn't be happier with the care given to our daughter.


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