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Be gone awkward rubber dental dams! We use Isolite for more efficient, comfortable appointments.

The Isolite Difference

When we’re working in your mouth, we have to isolate the area we’re addressing and keep it dry. To do this, a lot dentists use those rubber dams. Not only are they uncomfortable during treatment, but also after having your mouth open for a while, your jaw aches. We’re not big fans here at Kids Mile High so we use the Isolite system. It relies on a single-use, soft, comfortable bite block so your jaw won’t hurt after a procedure. Plus, your tongue, cheeks and airway will be protected. We can work more quickly and effectively, which means less time in the chair and more time picking prizes.

While patients of all ages can enjoy the benefits of Isolite, it’s particularly helpful for pediatric dentists. Here’s how it lets us breeze through appointments:

  • Kids and teens are more compliant because they’re not gagging or choking during procedures thanks to the flexible mouthpiece, throat protection and continuous suction.
  • Allows for hands-free suctioning so our dental assistants can focus on your child’s needs.
  • Lets Dr. Paddy, Dr. Roger and Dr. Meredith get more done in a single visit, whether it’s routine cleanings, applying sealants or filling cavities, instead of spreading procedures out over multiple appointments.
  • There’s no cross-contamination because the mouthpieces are only used once.
  • Little ones are safer and their risk of injury is minimized because their cheeks and tongue are automatically retracted and protected.

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