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Want something to smile about? We offer laser dentistry with WaterLase, which is a high-tech way to get the job done with no pain, no drill and no needles.

What is WaterLase Dentistry?

At Kids Mile High we’re channeling Star Wars with our cool, technologically advanced lasers. We use WaterLase MD and WaterLase iPlus lasers, which rely on a combo of water, air and laser energy, to perform a variety of dental procedures on the teeth, gums and bones. It’s really gentle and doesn’t use the heat, vibration and pressure associated with the drill so there’s virtually no pain and we rarely have to give you a shot of the sleepy juice. It’s been FDA-approved for use in treating both children and adults and it’s particularly helpful in treating infants since there’s no loud noise from the drill and it doesn’t hurt. We can use the laser for everything from removing cavities to performing a frenectomy.

The Benefits of Laser Dentistry

  • It’s way more comfortable and a shot of anesthesia isn’t usually necessary. Any time we can skip a needle, that’s a good thing.
  • Fewer dental visits are required since it’s efficient and with no need for anesthesia we can treat several areas of the mouth in one sitting.
  • It’s more accurate and precise than traditional dental tools like the drill.
  • There’s less post-operative pain, swelling and bleeding.
  • It increases the bond strength of restorations for fillings that last longer.
  • WaterLase is versatile and can be used for a bunch of different procedures.

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