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The Ultimate Guide to Brushing Your Kids Teeth

The Ultimate Guide to Brushing Your Child’s Teeth

By Kids Dentistry

The Ultimate Guide to Brushing Your Kids Teeth

All the kiddos want to be a part of the prestigious Kids Mile High Cavity-Free Club and to do this they’ll need to practice good oral hygiene from a young age with the help of Mom and Dad. As a pediatric dentist in Englewood, Colorado, I’ve received my fair share of parents who seem surprised that those temporary baby teeth are actually important. Aside from the obvious benefit of looking good, healthy primary teeth are placeholders and reserve space for the permanent teeth and allow your little one to speak clearly and chew correctly. Plus, cavities hurt! It’s essential to keep your child’s baby teeth sparkling clean with a regular brushing routine (bonus rhyme for you). We’ll show you the basics with our guide to how to brush your kid’s teeth.

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