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    Pediatric Dentists

    Meet the Doctors

    Dr. A. Patrick Smithwick, fondly known as Dr. Paddy, Dr. Roger Castro, known as Dr. Roger, and Dr. Meredith Ghivizzani, called Dr. Meredith by our patients, are board-certified pediatric dentists. (Fun fact: Dr. Paddy and Dr. Roger were actually friends in dental school!) The doctors offer a full range of pediatric dental services and orthodontic treatment to kids and teens. They are all about providing exceptional care and making the experience positive and fun to encourage a lifetime of awesome oral health.

    braces-adult-teen-childTreatment for Kids

    At Kids Mile High we take a kid-centered approach. We make it entertaining and fun which creates a positive relationship with oral health that can last a lifetime.

    Treatment for Teens

    In addition to keeping your teen’s teeth and gums clean and healthy, we’ll monitor the development of their mouth and point your teen in the right direction if it’s time to start thinking about braces.

    Isolite Systems

    The Isolite System relies on a single-use, soft and comfortable bite block so your child’s jaw won’t hurt after a procedure.


    Myobrace is a better way to achieve straighter teeth without the use of braces! It’s a natural way to fix bad oral habits and exert light force to align the teeth and jaws into their natural position.


    Waterlase dentistry uses a combo of water, air and laser energy, to perform a variety of dental procedures. It’s a way more comfortable way of treating infants and young children.


    Kids Mile High has partnered with Under Armour to offer our sports playing patients the ultimate in tooth protection. It all starts with an awesome 3-D scan of their mouths and results in a custom mouthguard.


    Braces are a tried and true way to straighten teeth and align the bite. At Kids Mile High, we offer clear braces and metal braces for kids.


    Does your child want to perfect their smile without brackets and wires? You’re in luck. We’re a Thornton Invisalign and Invisalign Teen provider!

    “Everybody was great. Our appointment was on-time. Dr Paddy is wonderful with our daughter. We only wish we could find more health care services as good as this office.”

    Sarah H.

    “This place is AMAZING!!! Not only did my kids walk out with tons of giveaways, but the staff and office vibe was spot on. Everyone was so friendly and accommodating. The toys and games kept my kids busy that they didn’t want to leave. Finally, Dr. Patty was super personable and fun! We can’t wait to go back!”


    “I would like to thank Dr. Roger for showing my kids not all dentist are bad dentist! I also would like to say how amazing the staff is as well...I have had the pleasure of watching Mrs. Trish handle my kids in the most gentle, yet assertive way that my kids ask when they are going back! Thank you guys so much!”

    Ebony G.

    “i’ve been coming here for 19 years now and Dr. Paddy is one of the best dentist I’ve had. He’s super fun and always good humored.”

    Anna S.

    Employment Opportunities:
    Dental Assistants

    Kids Mile High Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics strives to provide support to the communities we serve. If you are interested in building a career in the dental field please send your resume with qualifications to: